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Phoenix is an aspiring fitness, swimsuit/lingerie, and promotional model with an interest in clothing brands, jewelry, and alternative culture. She has shot with several professional photographers, but is looking to get more involved in her craft. Send Phoenix a message if you are interested in using her in your promotional campaign.

   Phoenix is a professionally trained and seasoned performer, having toured around New England and NYC since she was a teenager. She has received training from some of the best in the business, including but not limited to Laiona Michelle Weaver, Dr. Tonea Stewart, Juson Williams, Charlie Hudson III, Yohance Myles, and several others. Originally trained as a Jazz dancer, Phoenix also studied West-African, Hip-Hop, Ballet, Contemporary, Broadway, and Liturgical dance styles with D.R.E.A.M. Studios. She is also cross-trained as a singer, and actress.

  She auditioned and made it into D.R.E.A.M. Studios’ Dance Company when she was 13, and began teaching at their studio in Springfield, MA as well as in New York City. It was around this time she also began touring with Gospel recording artist, Mary Taylor, performing around New England. As a principal dancer in the company, Phoenix often aided in the choreography of major performances and was frequently featured as a solo performer. Her movement style and passion for her art generated a lot of positive feedback and would excite the emotions of the audience. Later in her teens, Phoenix also became the Dance Department Head of her high school’s Drama Club and was responsible for overseeing all choreography.

   Phoenix’s professional career as a dancer was cut short due to a serious car accident in 2009. Since recovering from the accident, she has enjoyed performing in festivals in the Pensacola, FL area and teaching a fusion of West-African and Hip-Hop dance at several locations including Breathe Yoga and Vibrations Pole and Yoga Studio in Foley, AL.

Performance background

Brandon Calhoun photography - October 23

Beauxler Phtography - September 16