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A natal chart takes into account the time, date, and location of birth to produce an image of the cosmos the moment we came into this new life. Most people are aware of their sun sign, but aren't aware of how our other cosmic neighbors influence everything from our emotions, aggression, dreams, and even more!


A natal chart serves to reveal a blue-print to the personality in this lifetime, as well as past life karma, and soul purpose. This information can be a great tool to bring to your conscious mind the subconscious motivations that are running in the background. This puts the controller of your life back in your hands, as your understanding of self reaches new heights, allowing you the opportunity to heal, grow, and excel.

welcome to the age of aquarius!

In February 2016 I had an out-of-body experience (OBE) which showed me the zodiacal clock and how all major alignments, equinoxes, eclipses, and transits would reflect in this dimension until the year 2025. Originally presented at the Spirit Fire Festival metaphysical event in Pensacola, FL October 2021, this presentation will cover the major planetary shifts leading us into The Age of Aquarius.

WHAT is divine astrology?

Divine astrology combines the elements of a natal chart reading with a draconic chart to track the evolution of the soul over several lifetimes. A natal chart is a great tool for understanding your personality throughout this lifetime, but a divine astrology reading is a more advanced session to go deeper into your soul-alchemy journey. It addresses questions such as why you came here, what are you evolving through in this life, where have you been stagnant in your growth during past lifetimes, and where are you headed after this? A divine astrology reading requires at least 1.5 hours in order to relay the most pertinent information. A natal chart reading is not required beforehand, but would greatly help the individual to process this deeper level of understanding if they are already familiar with it.

“Phoenix is one of the best and most accurate astrologers I know. If I have questions about what’s happening in the stars and what’s happening in the world I look to Phoenix, she really cares about helping you know yourself on a soul deep level. Are you looking for an Energy worker you can trust? Look no further.”

-Marni Woodson, Owner of Asher & Bee Apothecary