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Phoenix's Magic

“Phoenix is a powerful mystic & healer & an amazing teacher. She is intuitive, wickedly smart and able to channel spirit guides. Her Reiki has provided deep healing and she is one of the best massage therapists ever. Oh, and she also makes orgonite pyramids! I recently commissioned one & it is a treasure—beautiful & resonating with energy.  Phoenix is a gift to the world on many levels —find her—you will be happy you did!”

-Susan Bullock

Continuing the research of the late Dr. Wilhelm Reich, orgonite combines organic and inorganic materials to create an energetic field which cleanses and charges energy while reducing EMF radiation. Every living thing has its own energy field, which can 

As an artist, Phoenix creates powerful energetic tools to assist you on your journey. She creates magic salts with the sun and moon cycles, as well as orgonite pyramids, charging plates, talismans, and jewelry to keep you functioning at your highest vibration. Phoenix loves to make magical tools for magical people!


become disrupted or lose its integrity if too much negative energy is absorbed. Orgonite uses the piezoelectric qualities of quartz crystal, which generates an electrical charge when placed under pressure, as well as conductive metals to push the current throughout the resin piece. My pieces are all made with 24k gold, copper, brass, iron, and aluminum in various shapes and sizes for maximum effect. Different types of healing crystals are added to enhance the energy with specific intentions for that piece, along with selenite and shungite powders. Some orgonite pieces are great for office spaces for their charging and uplifting energy, while some others are more suited for the bedroom to help with rest and recovery. Orgonite pyramids generate a large field around them, while charging plates are great for cleansing your jewelry or personal items. You can even place a glass of water on your charging plate to then drink in the orgone energy! Personal talismans are great to keep in your pocket or handbag, and jewelry pieces can be worn close to the body to receive maximum benefit. All pieces are made with love in alignment with the sun and moon cycles, and are charged with Reiki healing energy.




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