L U N A R  E C L I P S E



p h o e n i x 

l a m o u r

reiki master.
tarot reader.
licensed massage therapist.
published researcher.

let's heal


A gifted empath and healer, Phoenix shares her intuitive gifts to provide guidance for this life and your soul journey’s ascension. Her philosophy of “Complete Embodied Wellness” targets not only physical health, but also emotional, mental, and spiritual alignment to allow your most authentic, fulfilled, and happiest self to shine through. Phoenix uses her intuitive gifts to scan the body for ailments or misalignments, clear energetic imbalances, stabilize chakras, and impart messages from your spirit team. As a certified tarot reader and self-taught astrologist, Phoenix loves to help others unveil the treasures lying dormant within themselves by providing clarity on

situations and events, and forecasting how your present belief systems are unfolding to manifest your future. An experienced Reiki healer as well as licensed massage therapist (MA 89336), she comes forth from an academic  background in biology and psychological science. She is a student of Robert Greenleaf's philosophy of Servant Leadership, and her mission in life is to be catalyst for personal growth in the lives of everyone she comes into contact with. Phoenix's scientific and shamanic backgrounds combine to give her a unique insight into the energetic flow of chi throughout the human body, creating a tailored experience made exclusively for each client. As a healer, her specialties include Swedish, Deep Tissue, Thai Yoga, and Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT) massage, as well as Reiki healing and energy balancing. She is a member of Gulf Coast Intuitives and a standing local favorite among metaphysical events and festivals.




I was borne of pure conscious thought..

I was formless, without boundary..

Things were still for a moment.

..And then they weren't.


Unbridled and unbound, I spread throughout the abyssal blackness of the #void.. Searching to understand.. But for what, I was unaware. There was nothing here but the simplicity of infinite potential.


Since I was a little girl, I’ve always known I wanted to help people in a big way. I didn’t find the word “empath” until later in life, but I’ve always been able to feel. My mother was diagnosed with Lupus when I was three years old, and I’ve had the privilege to walk with her in life and to learn from her. Through her I learned the importance of being present in every moment and to appreciate the subtleties of life. My intuitive abilities have been very active since early childhood, causing me to eventually reject this aspect of myself as I approached my teenage years. I ignored my gifts for long as I could and focused on my academics, only to inevitably have to accept what I couldn’t yet explain later in college. I’ve always been labeled an “old soul”, but beyond that, I knew that my connection to other worlds both in waking and dreaming life allowed me to experience life in a unique and exciting way. Originally I had hopes of entering a Psy.D. program for clinical inpatient psychological care. However, upon obtaining my first two degrees, I decided to take a step back to observe my life. I began meditating and exploring my spirituality, making positive life decisions, and growing into a more authentic me. It was then that I discovered massage therapy and fell in love. It was also around this time that I was pulled to my first Lucidity experience in 2017. That was a year of immense growth for me, as I united with my twin flame that year and triggered a lot of past life experience and memories. Connected with my higher self, I now thoroughly understood my soul’s intentions in this life as a healer and a catalyst. Amazingly, since aligning with my purpose the universe has allowed me to now make a living doing what I love. Working with my higher self and spirit guides has accelerated my growth immensely as I connect to the many different lives I’ve served as a healer on this plane.

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