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p h o e n i x 
l a m o u r

reiki master TEACHER.

licensed massage therapist.
published researcher.

let's heal


Healer. Mystic. Creator.

These are three words that can be used to summarize Phoenix’s way of sharing her gifts with the world. As a licensed massage therapist and Reiki Master Teacher, Phoenix is a dedicated body-worker who targets not only physical health, but also emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Her calling as a Hermetic High Priestess is fulfilled through helping to 

evolve collective human consciousness. She is often sought out for readings, spiritual guidance, and wisdom of the metaphysical and esoteric varieties. She is also a nationally certified tutor and published researcher in the fields of Biology and Psychological Science. She also enjoys being a mentor and is a certified life coach.

Phoenix enjoys helping us break past the illusions in our lives, so that we may reconnect with the spirits of Truth, Freedom, and Sovereignty, reawakening the internal fire within. Her goal is to be a catalyst for growth in the lives of those whom she encounters. Phoenix is a friend who will walk with you in your darkest places. She specializes in Shadow Work, bridging the gap between the subconscious and conscious mind-states.

Phoenix is claircognizant, and channels messages from Source directly. She is also initiated into the Dark Flame of Veil Illumination, a sacred healing technique that allows the user to see into the mysteries of Life and Death.

Phoenix also loves to make magical tools for magickal people! As an artist, she creates magic salts with the sun and moon cycles to capture the essence of the intended season. She also creates orgonite pyramids, charging plates, talismans, and jewelry to keep you functioning at your highest vibration.

“Phoenix has elevated and enriched my life. She has the power of seeing what can’t be seen with the naked eye. In my travels here on Earth, not too many people have made me feel completely comfortable and open to be my full, true self. It all started with a massage. Her hands touched me and seemingly removed blockages that had been holding me back for ages.”

-Kara Danielle

“Meeting and sharing space with Phoenix provided me with answers to questions that I had long forgotten.  She provided credibility and affirmation and peace of mind. She walked into the room to meet me for class, sat down, told me that I felt familiar and spoke of experiences that mirrored my own.  I was again reminded in that moment that I am not alone in my process. That we receive the answers we seek when we are ready to receive them. I am thankful for Phoenix.”

-Tonya Morris, Reiki Master Teacher




I was borne of pure conscious thought..

I was formless, without boundary..

Things were still for a moment.

..And then they weren't.


Unbridled and unbound, I spread throughout the abyssal blackness of the #void.. Searching to understand.. But for what, I was unaware. There was nothing here but the simplicity of infinite potential.


   For a long time, I had no idea how to express my experiences, often discounting them and denying them for years. Since I was a little girl, I could see and talk to spirits, travel in my dreams, experience past-lives, feel other peoples’ thoughts and emotions, and understand things that were seemingly beyond me. I ignored my gifts for long as I could and focused on my academics, only to inevitably have to accept what I couldn’t yet explain later in life. It wasn’t until I got to college and began sharing dreams with my dormmates that I realized I needed to start learning how to hone in these gifts. Spiritually, I was trained in the school of Hard Knocks. I had to learn to defend myself in other realms where I was once vulnerable and subjugated to the wills of entities stronger than my own. Through experience, I learned not only how to defend myself, but also became a dream ranger, helping others in need and performing missions on behalf of the Light.

   In 2016 I had an out-of-body experience, in which I was shown the zodiacal clock from 2016-2025. I received downloads on the major equinoxes, eclipses, and how the Earth was shifting into a new Age during these times. I was also taken to the plane of the spiritual battlefield, and shown how I was an important figure in this battle, fighting on behalf of the Light. This was when my spiritual gifts really opened up for me, allowing me to astral project into other realities and transcend space and time. If I were to describe the details of my life, it really sounds like something out of a strange fiction. I meet people in real life who’ve I’ve only previously met in visions, see and communicate with sprits crossing between our realm and others, and am in direct communication with the One Consciousness.

   Many people whom I would consider much farther along their paths look to me for confirmation and guidance in areas they’ve felt alone and confused along their own journeys. I’m happy that after years of confusion, I’m finding my place as a powerful healer and mystic, friend to humans and spirits alike to assist in this evolution of consciousness. I feel called to work as a priestess because I strongly feel that there are people who need the medicine I am offering, and I want to be there to assist them in such a pivotal moment of conscious transformation.

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